Lu requested P!nk themed nail art :D I love P!nk. She deserves nails with an attitude, nails that scream her name out loud! I love her music, videos, appearance… everything. Such charisma! She… Continue reading

american idiot

This request comes form my friend, @TeexArmstrong. I’ve been told last Wednesday was a 7 year aniversary of Green Day’s album American Idiot. This nail art goes to celebrate that day :D


Yaaay, finally the series are back, including Glee, which premiered just a few hours ago. Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but I’m sure it’s fun. When I started… Continue reading

starry night

Remember The Scream I did a while back? Well I’ve been feeling kinda artsy today and so, I decided to make one of my requests – Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Thanks Laura P.… Continue reading


Ohai! I got a new shirt a couple of days ago. Got it for 5€ and before it was on sale it was 20€. So I took 2. Same model, different pattern and… Continue reading

violet fountain

I AM FINALLY BACK. Ever since that storm a couple of weeks ago it was I who had to fix the internet in the end. With a lot of help from my Twitter… Continue reading