…aka the only positive thing to see in the morning.  One word for today’s nail art … wait for it, waaaait for eet. SPONGING! \o/ yaaay! With sponging it’s simple; the result is… Continue reading

world smile day

Happy world smile day! It’s about random acts of kindness and it’s celebrated once a year; every year the first Friday in October since 1999 there is a World Smile Day. DO AN… Continue reading

cherry blossom

Hello, Wednesday! This is more like a quick post today.. I can’t really function, you see. I cought a cold and it’s killing me. All I’m doing is drinking tea and sniffing/blowing my… Continue reading

paws up!

Hello hello! Posting this one a little late today… internet died, just the usual >:/ I won’t even bother to complain anymore. It only gets me in a bad mood if I do… Continue reading

swimwear stripes

Since it’s the end of September, it may be A LITTLE too late to post such ‘summery’ nail art [or at least such title]. Still, I have an excuse. Not only it has… Continue reading

pyramid tip

Hey! How are you? :) Hope you’re all doing well. This nail art simply asked to be made ^^ It’s all over the web, so I decided I needed it too on this… Continue reading