mars: french tour

I’m going to Paris tomorrow!! :D gonna see 30 Seconds To Mars with my friends for the 8th time. The 6 of us are coming back on Sunday, so no update on the… Continue reading

corset bow

hiiii! this will be a quick one… sorry I’m late today. it’s 30 minutes to midnight as I’m writing this pos. I was sooooo busy I can’t even put it to words. Anyways,… Continue reading

MTV EMA 2011 themed nails

The excitement at MTV is growing. Especially today. In case you didn’t know, today is the last day to submit votes for you favourite ones. I HOPE 30 SECONDS TO MARS WIN ALL… Continue reading

morning coffee

I got the idea for coffee nails today at school. I was so sleepy and so tired I could barely hold my eyes open. No joke. Besides, we had our schedule from 8… Continue reading


Happy Friday, all! :D So this is the 3rd and last of series of Halloween designs. Thank you Melissa for your request last week (hope your ankle is better!). You wanted bones theme… Continue reading

there is a ghost in my house

hehe the title is part of the lyrics of the song I was listening to when I was deciding on a name. I wanted it to be just ghosts or idk.. something boring… Continue reading