i heart paris

As I promised a cute nail art on my twitter page & facebook, here it is! i heart paris, inspired by a similar new york nail art. I loved it so much, I… Continue reading

let it bee

Another yellow nail art I have prepared for you guys. On this beautiful sunny days it’s just what feels like a proper thing to do. I also used a cute motive of a… Continue reading

bye bye birdy

Yay! Finally got through the exam. For those who care – it was easy peasy =P Now back to the nails! I got a request on my facebook page from one of my… Continue reading


Hello there! :-) Hope you’re all doing fine and enjoying this blog as much as I am. I’ve been busy these days. Studying all day(s) long left too lottle time for nail art… Continue reading

take a bow

Thanks to my readers I made another request come to life. Lu left a picture in the comments and I tried my best to make a replica of it. Hope you like it… Continue reading

rad and black

Those who know me better than others know that red is my favourite colour. RED IS RAD which is also why I named this rad and black ;) Enjoy.