Having a blog has always been in my great interest. So after a month – that’s right a month of thorough thinking of what my first blog should be about it hit me. And it hit me while I was working on new nail art. Naturally :)

On this blog you will find different designs I usually come up with spontaneously. But sometimes I might use other nail art ideas and then develop them into something different to add that ‘me’ into the works; or just change the colours. The latest thing I really love on this blog is making nail art based on or better say inspired by music videos.

Through years I made numerous nail art designes and they all worked well for me. I have to say I keep pictures of some in my facebook gallery. I will remake them, maybe change them a bit, add something new, but most importantly I will add pictures with how to. This is why I came here and started this blog. Facebook gallery wasn’t practical enough for step by step picture tutorials. Also, I wanted to show my works to other people, not just friends I have on that social network. I am updating this blog every Monday, Wednesda and Friday.

I use nail polish and sometimes add confetti or nail art stickers. But most of the time I stay true to nail art polish which comes with a thinner brush than the regullar one. I keep changing my style which is why I’m buying the not too expensive nail polish because I don’t want them to dry because I wouldn’t use them so often. But I also dont go for the cheapest you can find. Consider it a middle class.. whatevs.

“The Tip Of The Brush” as I undertitled the blog, is for those who know their nails arent just a texting tool but also a perfect accessory. I hope people find what they expect or even more so. But that’s what comments are for. Help me make this blog even better with commenting on posts. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like and if you wish you can also send an advice or requests. I made some requests come true already.

I believe everyone can work their nails, all you need is a little time and a click on a ‘subscribe’ button ;-)