I [heart] PARIS nail file giveaway

Hello everyone! I just got back from Paris last night, after 9pm. Paris is fabulous of course. But more about that after the jump; here’s what you really wanna know: GIVEAWAY! Everyone can enter. Good luck ;)

giveaway prize

giveaway prize

I’m giving away one nail file I brought from Paris. Yes, that’s the one on the photo. All you gotta do is send me an email with your full name and paste a link to your favourite nail art I made (you can pick any design from my tutorials here) and wait till Friday 25th, when I’ll announce the winner. I’ll be collecting entries till November 24th, midnight GMT+1.  Anyone can enter, I’ll ship the prize anywhere. The winner will be chosen randomly with an online randomizer :)

PARIS: you can see a few pics below ;) Also, the 30 Seconds To Mars shows were awesome. Thanks to @MissThally’s friend, I got a ticket to the 2nd show by a reduced price :D I WAS ONE HAPPEH ECHELON ^^ I’m so happy I finally met @MissThally and @JamieFromMars. Such amazing people! Really. I have to see them again :)

So, yeah… that’s it for today. Expect new tutorial this Wednesday! And good luck with the giveaway :D