we’ve got a winner!!

Heeeey, everyone! Today I finally picked the winner of the latest giveaway from ShamshnitaNAILS. I asked you to email me your full name with a link to your favourite ShamshnitaNAILS nail art. One… Continue reading

nail candy

December is really close now. I’m not much of a fan of all the christmas and new year celebrations because everyone is stressing out about how to impress their loved ones with most… Continue reading

closer to the edge

Hey, everyone! I stole today’s idea from here <—- *click* I just can’t come up with anything new anymore. This one is originally made with acrilycs, since I only work with classic nail… Continue reading

tatty teddy

These are for my friend Jasna. She must be the #1 fan of everything Me To You and I hope you all like them too!! I don’t think these nails could be any… Continue reading

concert goer

I love concerts. It’s such a wonderful experience seeing your favourite band play their music in front of a massive crowd. It is also an awesome way to meet new friends or people… Continue reading

I [heart] PARIS nail file giveaway

Hello everyone! I just got back from Paris last night, after 9pm. Paris is fabulous of course. But more about that after the jump; here’s what you really wanna know: GIVEAWAY! Everyone can… Continue reading